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This is a virtual mental health group . Providing progressive help for service users & carers . Within tameside & local areas . Signposting service help & communication help links .

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Have you or someone you care for been discharged from a mental health ward in Tameside in the last 6 Months .

Tameside LINk would like to talk to you .

Tameside Local Involvement Network is an organisation that consults & engages with local people in Tameside in order to improve health & social care .

Tameside LINk has set up a specific project to find out exactly what experiences people, aged 18 Yrs to 65 Yrs have of the mental health discharge process . This will give Tameside LINk some valuable information which could lead to improvements in the process .

If you would like to Talk to somebody . PLEASE contact Ruth Madden . Telephone 0161 339 4985 . Electronic Mail ruth.madden@t3sc.org

Thankyou !

Tameside Local Involvement Network . HOSTED by . Tameside Third Sector Coalition ( T3SC ) 131 Katherine Street . ASHTON UNDER LYNE . OL6 7AW . Telephone 0161 339 4985 . Electronic Mail tamesidelink@t3sc.org . WebSite www.t3sc.org/LINk



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