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This is a virtual mental health group . Providing progressive help for service users & carers . Within tameside & local areas . Signposting service help & communication help links .

Tameside LINk . Local Involvement Network

Do you want to make health & social care services in Tameside better ?

Then join us at the LINk & have your say !

What is a LINk ? As a member of the public it's your right to be involved in discussions & decisions about your health & social care services . By sharing your experiences & ideas with Tameside Local Involvement Network ( LINk ) you can influence the way services are run . Tameside LINk is made up of individuals & voluntary, community & faith groups working together to improve health & social care services .

The job of Tameside LINk is to find out what people think about local services , The LINk then feeds this information back to health & social care providers, helping them deliver better services that reflect the wishes of local people .

The more people get involved in Tameside's LINk, the stronger & more influential it will become .

Why get involved ? By working with health care providers & sharing your views, you can support their work & help improve your own health & social care, and the care provided for the whole community .

Tameside LINk is relevant to you & your family . Some reasons why you should get involved include .

To draw attention to neglected issues or ideas . To influence those who make decisions about new or existing health & social care services . To help your community speak with a stronger voice , To help services provide better care .

If you want to ensure that local health & social care services meet your needs & the needs of your community, you can & should get involved .

LINk & the law . Becoming part of Tameside LINk gives you an opportunity to put your rights into action .  The NHS Constitution sets out the rights & responsibilities of patients, the public & staff in relation to NHS care . It makes clear what you can expect from the NHS, and how you can play a part in making it even better . By becoming part of Tameside LINk you will be able to help .

Plan health & social care services .

Develop proposals for changes to services .

Make decisions that may affect how the services operate .

Tameside LINk also has certain powers & influence within publicly -funded health & social care services . For example, health & social care organisations have to allow LINk representatives onto their premises to view services . They are are then required to respond to suggestions made by LINks, & outline what action will be take . In this way, LINks can use their power to make sure that your voice is heard, & to help bring about positive changes .

Who Can Join ? Any Tameside resident can join Tameside LINk . Everyone is welcome, & everyone's opinions matter . As well as individual Tameside LINk is also open to voluntary, community & faith groups & organisations .

Getting involved is easy . You can contact the LINk Team at . T3SC on . 0161 339 4985 or visit our website . www.t3sc.org/LINK to find out what's happening in your area .

Its up to you how & when you get involved with your LNk . For example you could .

Be a researcher . research the work streams that the LNk board agrees we should be looking into . EG . Personalisation of adult social care, community based mental health support or access to GP's .

Visit service providers & look into their service using our enter & view powers .

Become part of a workgroup & make decisions on the direction of a particular work stream .

Complete questionaries on health & social care services .

Facilitate workshops at our public meetings & talk to local groups about what we do .

Help design the LINk leaflets & posters .

Assists the LINk Team with admin in the office .

Further Information . For more information about Tameside LINk & how you can get involved contact one the LINk Team at T3SC .

Telephone 0161 339 4985

Electronic Mail tamesidelink@t3sc.org

WebSite www.t3sc.org/LINk

Become a friend of Tameside LINk on facebook by logging on at. www.facebook.com & searching for Tameside LINk

Tameside LINk is hosted by T3SC . Tameside 3Rd Sector Coalition . St Michael's Court . Stamford Street . ASHTON UNDER LYNE . OL6 6XN .

Registered charity no 1094744 . Big Lottery Funded  

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