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A.D.S. (Addiction Dependency Solutions)

Good Hope Mill

98 Bentinck Street




Telephone 0161 343 1133

Facsimile 0161 343 7787



We offer a free, confidential service to anyone over 18 who live in the Tameside and Glossop area and have problems with alcohol misuse. We also see those who are concerned or worried about a family members drinking and who may want support for themselves.



9.15am - 5.00pm . Monday to Friday

5.15pm - 8.00pm . Wednesday evening

11.00am - 3.00pm . Saturday

11.00am - 1.00pm . Sunday


If you are concerned you may be drinking too much we can provide advice, information and support to help you cut down. The first step is one-to-one counselling, after which we can offer a number of treatment options if required, dependent upon your need. We can provide on-going support to help individuals, or their relatives/ friends. We offer a wide range of groups - Therapeutic, Educational and Social - to meet your needs. Our aim is to help and support you to make informed choices.


The ADS centre in Tameside offers an exciting range of Therapeutic and Complimentary therapies, as well as educational, training and social activities. We have a women only support group and access to free leisure passes for swimming and fitness suites.


Contact us by phone for advice and information.

Book an appointment by phone or in person.

Details of the Alcohol Referral Criteria.

Branching Out (Drug and Alcohol Services for Under 19s)

Number 31

Clarence Arcade

Stamford Street




Telephone 0161 342 7605

Facsimile 0161 342 7692

Branching Out is funded through Tameside Drug and Alcohol Action Team and provides free support advice and information to young people under 19 with drug and alcohol issues as well as supporting the parents and carers of substance users.


 •Individual advice and information

 •Drug and Alcohol awareness sessions

 •Substitute prescribing

 •One to one support

 •Access to GP


 •Telephone support


9.00am - 4.00pm . Monday to Friday

1.00pm - 4.00pm . Tuesday . Drop-in (Telephone to Confirm)

Excluding Bank Holidays.

Referrals accepted from



•Family member/concerned others

Parent/Carers Support Services (Based within Branching Out)

Telephone 0161 342 7605

Facsimile 0161 342 7692

Designed specifically to meet the needs of young people and parents/carers. It offers

 •Individual advice and information

 •Access to counselling

 •Drug and Alcohol awareness sessions

 •Support Groups

 •Confidential Telephone Helpline

National Enhanced Services (NES) - Alcohol and Drugs

The service is located at various health centres throughout the district and appointments can be made at a clinic near you.

The National enhanced Services for drugs and alcohol provides a primary care service offering therapeutic interventions for people with alcohol or drug related problems, who live in the Tameside and Glossop district.

The service is delivered via 10 weekly clinics based in health centres throughout the district. The service is funded by Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Trust and delivered by staff employed by Pennine Care Substance Misuse Service and the Alcohol and Drug Services. It is a free confidential service. We also train healthcare teams in assessment, screening and interventions.


These are the same as the surgery opening times although it may be possible to arrange an early evening appointment if you are working.


An initial assessment will be undertaken to determine your current difficulties. This will involve asking about your alcohol or drug use, social circumstances, your health, and any other issues related to your alcohol use. This information is confidential and will not be shared with your family or employer without your permission. Dependent on the outcome of your assessment you could be offered a further 6 - 8 counselling sessions or a referral for detox. if appropriate.


Referral by GP or practice nurse using referral form. For copies of the referral form .

Telephone 0161 343 1133.

Details of the Alcohol Referral Criteria.

Substance Misuse Service

Lees Street Centre

Lees Street




Telephone 0161 604 3200

Facsimile 0161 339 8644

We are a joint NHS and Local Authority agency with a multi disciplinary team, which has experience of working with people affected by alcohol misuse. We work with statutory and non-statutory services. We offer a free confidential and non-judgemental service to problematic alcohol users, their family and friends.

•Advice, information, counselling, assessment and prescribing of substitute medication if required.

•Needle Exchange Scheme.

•Access to Home or Inpatient detoxification from drugs or alcohol.

•NES Clinics via selected GP surgeries around Tameside.

•Brief interventions to help safely reduce alcohol use.

•Joint working and advice with other agencies, and referral on to other services as appropriate.

•Access to Residential Rehabilitation if required after detoxification.

•Hospital Liaison worker to assess people who are in TGH and may misuse drugs or alcohol.

•Support and advice to 'significant others' who may also be affected by a persons drug or alcohol use.


9.00am - 4.45pm . Monday to Friday

9.00am - 7.00pm . Wednesday

Details of the Alcohol Referral Criteria

SUFSS (Substance Using Family Support Service)

Lees Street Centre

Lees Street




Telephone 0161 604 3200

Our service is aimed at substance using families with children in their care under 13 year's old and expectant mothers. Priority is given to families with children under the age of five years, expectant mothers and families experiencing domestic violence.

We aim to provide a high quality family support service to parents who are experiencing difficulty in managing their drug/alcohol misuse, which may impact on certain aspects of their family life. The philosophy of SUFSS is that we believe that you can still be a good parent if you use drugs or have an alcohol problem. However, early intervention could prevent substance misuse impacting negatively on your children.



9.00am - 5.00pm . Monday to Thursday

9.00am to 4.00pm . Friday

Excluding Bank Holidays.


Referrals can be made from several sources including self-referral, or referral from other agencies, such as Health Visitor, Social Services and GP.

If you wish to make a referral please contact the team using the telephone number above.

DIP (Drug Intervention Programme)

98 Bentinck Street




Telephone 0161 343 5622

Facsimile 0161 343 4754

The Drug Intervention Programme plays a critical part of the Government's strategy for tackling drugs and offers access to treatment and support for adults (18+) in Tameside, who commit crime to fund their drug misuse.


9.00am - 5.00pm . Monday to Friday



Waterbridge House

32-36 Loman Street



Telephone 0207 928 7377

Alateen groups are groups of young people who are, or have been affected by problem alcohol drinking by parents, relatives or friends.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Telephone 0161 236 6569

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope.

Drugs in Schools Helpline

Telephone 0808 800 0800

Telephone support, advice and information on all aspects of drug related issues in schools, for pupils, parents, teachers, school governors and other professionals. Part of Release.

Families Anonymous Helpline

Telephone 0207 498 4680

Families Anonymous run over 45 groups throughout the UK for families and friends of drug users

Lifeline Drugs

Telephone 0161 839 2054

Helpline providing advice, information and support for drug users, their partners, families and friends.

Narcotics Anonymous

Telephone 0207 730 0009

Telephone helpline and regular self-help meetings for addicts who have a desire to stop using and who wish to support each other in remaining drug-free.

National AIDS Helpline

Telephone 0800 56 71 23

Information, advice and counselling on all aspects of HIV, AIDS and sexual health.


Telephone 0800 77 66 www.talktofrank.com

FRANK is a confidential, anonymous, discreet and well-informed ready to offer advice, information and support on drug problems

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