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This is a virtual mental health group . Providing progressive help for service users & carers . Within tameside & local areas . Signposting service help & communication help links .

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Chill Cool Sounds

Patients detained on a mental health ward had requested

Cool Chill Sounds

Discussing issues during a Community Meeting that are perfect for non stressed relaxation time .

At present there is only

1 Standard Track ( greater number to be provided via this resource )


4 Christmas Tracks

PodCast . Click . Standard Track 1

Chill Cool Sounds

Royalty Free . Music Track . For . PRO MO . Jingle.mp3 christmas-theme-15.mp3

PodCast . Click . Christmas Track 2

Chill Cool Sounds


PodCast . Click . Christmas Track 3

Chill Cool Sounds


PodCast . Click . Christmas Track 4

Chill Cool Sounds


PodCast . Click . Christmas Track 5

Chill Cool Sounds