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New . SMS & Text Service . Information on how it works ! Bus stops - they've got your number!

Timetable information is now just a text message away for Greater Manchester's bus passengers, who can have the times of the next few buses leaving their local stop sent direct to their mobile phone, 24 hours a day.

Whether at home, work, or out and about, passengers in order to receive a reply containing the times of the next three scheduled bus services. As part of a national initiative, GMPTE has included timetable information on all 12,500 bus stops in Greater Manchester in the new service. Teams of GMPTE staff are now touring the county to add the relevant bus stop codes to bus stop plates - with over 2,000 stops along selected routes already updated.

For those stops yet to be updated, bus passengers can still find out their local stop code by calling Traveline on 0870 608 2 608. Councillor Allen Brett, Deputy Chair of the Authority, tried out the service near Sudden roundabout, at one of the first stops in the county to have its code displayed: "We are always trying to take advantage of today's technology to provide as much information as possible for public transport users.

Now, passengers can find out their next few bus times on their mobile phones, providing a more accessible and convenient service, 24 hours a day. "Most people have a rough idea what time their bus is, yet there are always moments when we forget. Accurate and reliable information is very important when planning a journey and with the text service there is no need for uncertainty.

Passengers will be able to find out exactly what time their bus is expected in the comfort of their own home, which I am sure they will find very handy. "GMPTE staff are now hard at work updating every bus stop in the county - which is a huge undertaking.

Over 2,000 stops have already been updated and I look forward to seeing more and more updated over the coming months." Once individual bus stops have been updated, the relevant bus stop code features at the bottom of the bus stop sign. Passengers are being encouraged to learn their local bus stop codes or save them to their mobile phones. Codes are generally seven or eight letters long and are designed to be memorable.

Text messages cost 25p plus the standard charge from your service provider.

A booklet providing information and guidance on how to use the service is now available from GMPTE Travelshops at bus stations across Greater Manchester.

Information is also featured at selected bus stops along each route.

SMS Text Service Simply need to text their unique

bus stop code to 84268 or

telephone Traveline on 0870 608 2 608.

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